4 Behaviors of cats that indicate affection … although it does not seem like it

4 Behaviors of cats that indicate affection … although it does not seem like it

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CATS – When we were in adolescence, any word, gesture or look from the person we liked could be interpreted as a positive signal that filled us with hope. 

Well something like this happens with those who have one or more cats in their life.

Cats are animals whose behaviors are often very complicated to interpret for humans. His reactions escape us and we try to give him all kinds of positive interpretations looking for a greater interaction with the small cats.

But there are some gestures that, however rare they may seem to us, do seem to be increasingly shown to be signs of affection. A very catlike affection and very special for the owners deserving of these gestures.

Behaviors that indicate a great cat like affection

-Your cat gives you a dead animal: You see, in the eyes of a cat we are surely no more than huge, stupid animals unable to hunt our own food, although with a special ability to get it out of the pantry, that great mystery that always seems full of appetizing things.

If your cat gives you a mouse or a bird that has hunted, no matter how much you are horrified, do not quarrel. He is sharing his booty with you, so that for once, you eat fresh game.

Your cat nibbles gently when you caress it: You are caressing your cat, it purrs happily and asks for more and more until suddenly it takes between its teeth a small pinch of your skin and it bites.

It is their way of giving you a kiss, they are like that, passionate … Although it may also mean that you have had enough and you have surpassed it. You will know which of the two things is if, after doing so, he continues to ask for caresses as if that were the case or if, on the contrary, he leaves indignantly.

Your cat gives you a header worthy of the best Zindane: If you look, it’s the way they relate to each other. They rub and head-butt sometimes, because they get excited, they can be strong, especially when they hit the nose.

Your cat fills your favorite sweater with hair: It does not do it out of rage or to make a prank. The sweater smells of you and you represent something very nice for the cat, so you can not avoid getting wrapped in your clothes to sleep. It feels much safer and calmer. Take it as something very special and, next time, keep your clothes when you’re not using them.


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