Collectivism is a Viable Economic Policy

SOURCE: BIGLEAGUEPOLITICS.COM   In an apparent effort to protect the idea that collectivism is a viable economic policy proposal, Libertarian pundit John Stossel said that Google censored his video on the ills of Socialism. “This morning Google told me that it would not allow my YouTube video “Socialism Leads to Violence” to be viewed by young people,” he said … Read moreCollectivism is a Viable Economic Policy

Cops beat compliant, submissive person

Louisville, KY — Body camera video from inside the Louisville Metro corrections center shows how Cops beat compliant, submissive person, even when that person is handcuffed. It also illustrates that they can do this and face no charges. According to a recent lawsuit, filed by the victim, Terry Whitehead, then a 19-year-old inmate, the incident … Read moreCops beat compliant, submissive person

FDA’s Recent Update Regarding Dog Food Recall

SOURCE: FROMTHETRENCHESWORLDREPORT.COM Delish – by Madison Flager Dog owners: You’ll want to take note of the FDA’s recent update to a dog food recall. Several dog food brands are now included in a recall alert for potentially containing a dangerous amount of vitamin D. While the vitamin is an essential nutrient for dogs, too much of … Read moreFDA’s Recent Update Regarding Dog Food Recall


SOURCE: THE FREE THOUGHT PROJECT For years, the Free Thought Project has been set on exposing the cozy relationship between billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein and high-level establishment insiders. And, for years, we’ve been one of only a few voices out there willing to report on this corruption and depravity inside politics. That is, until now. … Read moreELITE GAVE BILLIONAIRE PEDOPHILE JEFFREY EPSTEIN A DEAL OF A LIFETIME