Reverse Sneezing in Dogs — What Is It?

First of all, reverse sneezing in dogs isn’t really sneezing. If you’ve ever seen your dog honk, snort or gasp for breath, you’ve witnessed reverse sneezing in dogs. So, what exactly is reverse sneezing in dogs then? Reverse sneezing isn’t even really sneezing at all! Photography by igorr1/Thinkstock. Reverse sneezing in dogs is not in … Read moreReverse Sneezing in Dogs — What Is It?

MightyVet: Changing an Industry – The Trupanion Blog

When you embark into the world of veterinary medicine, whether you are a veterinarian or a veterinary team member, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience knowing that you are able to help all the pets receive the best veterinary care possible. Undoubtedly, while the opportunity to help pets is ultimately why people choose this … Read moreMightyVet: Changing an Industry – The Trupanion Blog

New Weapon in Canine Bone Cancer

ELIAS Animal Health have completed a study investigating the use of personalized vaccines to fight osteosarcoma cancer in dogs. Each vaccine, which is developed using cells from the dog’s actual tumor and combined with surgery, is extremely targeted to that animal’s particular cancer. Dogs in the study experienced longer survival times without chemotherapy. Studies like … Read moreNew Weapon in Canine Bone Cancer