This is the climate change we been warned about

This is the climate change we been warned about

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The heat waves from climate change already claim dozens of victims in several countries, reached record levels in the four continents of the northern hemisphere. And it seems that it is not going to stop anytime soon.

This is the situation in each area.

On Monday, Japan recorded a temperature never before seen in the country since reliable records exist. Kumagaya, a city just 64 kilometers from Tokyo, reached 41.1 degrees Celsius, amid a heat wave that has already accumulated several weeks and has claimed the lives of at least 44 people.

Report stated: “Deadly heat wave in Japan leaves dozens dead and temperatures above 41ºC”

Extreme temperatures are also affecting other countries in East Asia: North and South Korea broke heat records approaching 40 degrees Celsius.

And it is precisely these heat waves that scientists have warned us about, as a result of global warming, through the emission of greenhouse gases.

“The impacts of climate change are no longer imperceptible,” said Michael Mann, climate scientist and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State. “We are seeing how the consequences happen in real-time, in the form of unprecedented heat waves, floods, droughts and forest fires. And we have observed everything during this summer, “he added.

Temperatures soar in Europe and the Arctic

Much of Europe is being cooked under a massive pressure system that allows the tropical heat to rise to the Arctic and prevent cold rains from ending the hot weather.

“Deadly heat waves will be more common in the future because of climate change” say experts.

Temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius extended to the northern tip of Scandinavia, setting records in Sweden, Finland and Norway for areas above the Arctic Circle.

The result has been a chain of forest fires unprecedented in Sweden, which led the country to request assistance from other nations, such as Italy, with more resources to combat this type of phenomenon.

In the United Kingdom, the beginning of this summer was drier than any other, according to the Office of the meteorological services.

Even this season has been one of the hottest records, at only 0.1 degree centigrade below summer that broke the record in 1976 with 21 degrees. More heat wave on the way, say experts in the field.

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