Kremlin disregards COMMANDER IN CHIEF cautioning regarding Syria’s Idlib

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Russia pushed aside COMMANDER IN CHIEF Trump’s cautioning of Syria not to start an assault in the rebel-held territory of Idlib.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov mentioned in Moscow recently, the region was without a doubt a breeding ground for terrorists that are debilitating the Syrian peace and helping make the territory a base, intended for assaults upon Russian troops inside Syria.

Kremlin disregards COMMANDER IN CHIEF cautioning

Earlier today, COMMANDER IN CHIEF Donald Trump cautioned Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad and also his allies Iran and even Russia not to carelessly strike Syria’s rebel-held Idlib district.

On the other hand, a source informed middle east headlines news team that Bashar al-Assad is actually prepping an onslaught in order to gain back Idlib.


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