Doctors In Italy Strike To Claim Their Rights

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The Italian public health has witnessed a day of strikes called by doctors and health leaders who demand better working conditions.

Day of national strike in Italy, on the part of doctors and sanitary leaders who due to the bad labor conditions, have summoned a national strike of 24 hours, aimed at authorities.

The doctors and unions have also called a press conference to demand from the government a program of adequate general funding for the Italian national health fund. 

They also ask for new hiring and more places in the hospitals to be able to guarantee good service to the citizens.

Doctors say that with the latest cuts, the continuing lack of staff and the little investment made by the Government in public health is at risk with the health service, safety and quality in Italian public hospitals. 

They also complain about the excessive workload and schedule that workers of the sanitary service have, and warn that these working conditions do not allow them to give safety and quality to patients, nor to the doctors themselves, demanding from the Government a political program that puts public health at the center of the debate.

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