The Murder of John F Kennedy


The 35th President of the USA, John F Kennedy was shot Friday, November 22nd, 1963, within Dallas, Texas at 12.30 pm. The man was fatally injured by means of gunfire, when travelling with his spouse – Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy – in his official car.


The ten-month examination connected with the Warren Commission – 1963 to 1964, the United State Of America House Select Board on Assassinations (HSCA) – 1976 to 1979, and also various other state and federal government examinations reasoned the Commander in chief has been executed by Lee Harvey Oswald – who was himself shot dead by Jack Ruby, even though within massive police protection.

Yet questions regarding the formal summary and also the determination that Oswald was really the only shooter shooting from the Texas Book Depository overlooking Dealey Square exactly where Kennedy was struck cropped up not long after the commission review. Video footage from the convoy used by Abraham Zapruder using 8mm film supported the growing belief that at least four shots were fired – not the three that the Warren Commission claimed.

The moments of impact recorded using the film likewise indicated the fact that at the very least one of the shots originated from an entirely separate direction to these allegedly shot from Oswald – documentation supported by means of testimony out of numerous eye witnesses. Numerous strongly believed that numerous shots were actually set off by means of shooters concealing behind a picket fence in a grassy elevation overlooking the common.


The killing is currently the topic of wide-spread conjecture and also has given rise to many conspiracy theories, even though not one of those has been truly validated. Within 1979, the House Select Committee for Assassinations (HSCA) discovered both the authentic FBI inquiry as well as the Warren Commission Document as being profoundly flawed.

The HSCA likewise concluded that of course, there were really at the very least 4 shots fired and also that it was actually possible that a conspiracy was present. Having said that, eventually research studies, consisting of one by International Institute of Sciences, brought into question the reliability from the proof utilized through the HSCA so as to uphold its own conclusion regarding 4 shots.

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