More problems in the Vatican: Pope Francis is known throughout the world as an emissary of peace and an advocate for people for those that are harassed around the world. 

However, now the pope has become the focal point of accusations related to the sexual abuse scandals that seem to reach the highest levels of the church.

In a recently published “testimony”, the archbishop of the United States Carlo Maria Vigano,  accused several senior Vatican officials of complicity in cover-ups related to sexual crimes. 

Part of the cover-up involves the Pope himself and suggests that he put politics above the safety of his flock. Vigano’s accusations also point to his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. 

The archbishop even asked for the resignation of the current pope. A journalist referred to the “testimony” of Vigano as “the most important news of Catholics since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI”.

But will this crisis be the end of the Catholic Church?

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