Nicaragua – Ortega’s Government Not guilty Of Brutality

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The OAS assembly condemned Tuesday the physical violence which has rattled Nicaragua for over a month, leaving behind over a hundred dead, yet without holding the authorities of Daniel Ortega accountable for the repression regarding demonstrators.

The “Declaration of support for the people of Nicaragua,” provided through the United States as well as by the Nicaraguan federal government itself, demands “the immediate cessation of acts of violence, intimidation and threats directed against the general public.”

It likewise calls upon the authorities and also various other community acting professionals to take part “constructively in peaceful discussions to build up democratic organizations and the controlling of free, reasonable and prompt elections.”

” Nicaragua is at a very different point from Venezuela, which already crossed a red line. We see at least a willingness to carry out democratic reforms and comply with the requests of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), “a United States official informed reporters.

The documentation encourages the IACHR to update “as soon as possible” the permanent OAS committee regarding the results and also conclusions of the work visit, held on May.

The IACHR, self-governing body for the OAS, at that point issued 15 suggestions, featuring the “immediate stoppage of repression” and respect for the lives of all demonstrators, “especially students.”

Nevertheless, the declaration does not really clearly condemn the Ortega federal government for the maltreatments of the militaries and even relevant armed groups, denounced through constitutionals rights institutions.

“There is no recognition of the responsibility of the State in the commission of very serious human rights violations, such as extra-judicial executions, disappearances, arbitrary detentions and many more,” Erika Guevara-Rosas, executive for the Americas of Amnesty International, said to ICT World News.

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