SOS, I have a puppy at home

SOS, I have a puppy at home

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Incorporating a puppy into our lives is a much more complex experience than it seems. A puppy requires constant care so help them mature properly.

We must bear in mind that puppies learn from their mother and from inter-acquaintance with their siblings. With them they learn to control the bite , to know how to relate with other dogs and to know their environment.

That is why it is very important that the puppy that we welcome in our family has spent the first months with his family . 

On the one hand, he will have learned a healthy behavior that will save us a lot of work, and, on the other, his mother’s milk will have provided him with good nutrition and the first defenses.

Know your surroundings

The puppy stage is when the little puppy learns to deal with his surroundings, so we must provide the most positive experiences so that he or she does not have emotional problems, like being scared of the noise of cars, people running, etc.

The veterinary recommendation is that the puppies do not leave home until they are vaccinated, but we can help their socialization by letting us visit a trustworthy dog that is balanced and we know that it is vaccinated. 

In this way our puppy will learn to behave with adult dogs.

I’m a Puppy, I pee, do not get mad

One of the big problems is toilet training. Logically, we can not expect a puppy to endure hours and hours without taking their needs. You never have to get angry with him for doing your homework because until 6 or 8 months he will not have total control of the linens.

We must take this into account and enable a space in which you can pee and poop while you are at home. In addition we will make short exits of 5 or 1o minutes nothing more so that you do not get tired that we will repeat every half hour until you do your needs. And, of course, when you pee or poop out of the house we will reward you to associate that it is good to do it on the street.

What do I have to fear?

Separation anxiety is another of the big problems dogs usually have. A weaned puppy will soon have more anxiety problemsthan another who has spent time with his family.

Human behavior can also transmit that anxiety. One of the most basic is to avoid on walks that large dogs approach our puppy. Many people get nervous and pull their little boy’s belt while calling him nervous.

With this behavior what we are teaching the puppy is that we have to be afraid of big dogs and with that we will only manage to raise a fearful dog that will respond with barks and grunts whenever a dog approaches him in the future. 

Do not forget that dogs know how to interact with each other, let them greet each other.

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