SOS, I have a puppy at home

Incorporating a puppy into our lives is a much more complex experience than it seems. A puppy requires constant care so help them mature properly. We must bear in mind that puppies learn from their mother and from inter-acquaintance with their siblings. With them they learn to control the bite , to know how to relate with other dogs and to … Read moreSOS, I have a puppy at home

Puppy Safety – Dog Proofing Your Home

Before you bring the pup home, you will need to dog-proof your home. Much like a curious child, your puppy will be into everything. You must keep a vigilant watch over what goes into your puppy’s mouth. Poisons such as cleaners, detergents, bleach, rat poison, and mothballs need to be placed high in cabinets. If … Read morePuppy Safety – Dog Proofing Your Home

6 Ways of Choosing Dog Training Experts

Seems that a lot of folks advertising as  pet dog training professionals these days, attempting to identify who’s genuinely is competent or not and able to look after your puppy could be frustrating. The things to search for whenever selecting a specialist to assist anyone with pet dog education: 1) A very good track record, … Read more6 Ways of Choosing Dog Training Experts