Washington Main Sponsor of Terrorism in Syria say Russia

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The Russian Foreign Ministry rejects the report on US terrorism and accuses Washington of being the main sponsor of terrorism in Syria.

“The report of the US Department of State on the fight against terrorism published on September 19 raised many questions (…), not to say that it was surprising, “said the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement issued on Thursday.

The US report aims to “belittle” Moscow’s efforts in the fight against terrorism in the world, while both the US itself As other countries of the world are aware of the great contribution of Russia in the fight against this scourge, especially in Syrian territory, notes the note.

This occurs when the US government has on many occasions supplied “arms, ammunition, technical and military equipment” to extremist Syrian bands, such as the Nusra Front (self-proclaimed Fath Al-Sham Front) or ISIL (Daesh, in Arab), in failed attempts to overthrow the Syrian president, Bashar al-Asad, he adds.


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